Welcome to the home page of the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club. You have found the official website of the Hudson Essex Terraplane (H-E-T) Club, Inc, an organization dedicated to preserving the products of the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan (1909-1954) and American Motors Corporation (1955-1957).

Our club was founded in 1959 by Merrit Marks and currently has around 2800 family memberships with over 1300 members on this site. 

The Club has four regional meets , one International Meet every year and many local Chapter meets. Click here to see the list of upcoming events.

We have local chapters all over the US and members in many foreign countries. This site is the on-line community for our wonderful club. If you have a love of Hudson-built cars and trucks, we would love for you to join us.

Changes to the website


As previously mentioned the background engine to the site has been updated and we are now running on more secure versions of the software.

I have had to address some issues with the CRM system we use, alongside Aaron, but I believe that we have now worked through these. For a user you shouldn't see any differences at all but it is somewhat different under the covers.

Things we have fixed:

The "Open Forum" has now been changed , it is now running on supported software. It will , in time be merged into the club forum but , as I have said before, there is a substantial amount of work and planning that needs to happen there.

Other issues still to be addressed:

Private Messaging no longer works. The old (free) version is not supported under the new environment and I am trying to identify the best paid option to use.

Now I have managed to sort the underlying problems the next steps will be to change the look and feel of this site into something more intuitive. That will entail some work in the background on our sandpit sites and I would welcome input from current users in the form of testers as we move it along before it gets sent live. If you'd like to help then please contact me as below.

If anyone has any comments / suggestions then I'm always happy to receive them, drop me a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact me here Paul Butler



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Our online Club Library has hundreds of manuals, tech articles and much more. For Club members, you can look at online versions of the White Triangle News.

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